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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Cleaning the Hood
Nines and AK's
Starts at Marker Sweet's House
Given by Sweet
Reward $200.=
Marker Ganton Gym is open

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Big Smoke, Sweet, Ryder and CJ are hungry, so they are going to the Cluckin' Bell. Get in the Greenwood and drive to the Cluckin' Bell, which is indicated on your radar. When you arrive, you see a cut scene, where Big Smoke takes the order. During the settle up they see a Voodoo with Ballas driving towards the hood looking for trouble.

Now you have to follow the Voodoo, while doing drive by's on their car. When the car is destroyed, you have to kill the last two gang members. Drive back to Grove Street, at the end you have to bring Big Smoke back home.


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