Baseball bat locations (GTA San Andreas)

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Baseball bat · All locations · Weapon list
Baseball bat
Baseball bat
Baseball bat
Baseball bat, only available during the mission 'Cleaning the Hood'.
Legend Oranjestip.gif Always available Rodestip.gif Reward Blauwestip.gif During a mission
Hand Brass knuckles
Melee Baseball bat · Chainsaw · Golf club · Katana · Knife · Night stick · Pool cue · Shovel
Pistols Pistol · Silenced pistol · Desert Eagle
Shotguns Shotgun · Sawn-off shotgun · Combat shotgun
Machine guns Tec-9 · Micro SMG · SMG
Assault rifles AK 47 · M4
Rifles Rifle · Sniper rifle
Heavy artillery Flame thrower · Minigun · Rocket launcher · Heat-seeking rocket launcher
Thrown weapons Grenade · Molotov cocktail · Satchel charge · Tear gas grenade
Handheld items Camera · Fire extinguisher · Spray can
Gifts Cane · Flowers · Dildo
Apparel items Night vision goggles · Parachute · Thermal goggles