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Mission in GTA V
Starts at PDM, Pillbox Hill
Given by Simeon Yetarian
Reward Ability to switch/play as Michael

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Simeon is trying to sell/fraud another unsuspecting customer into buying one of his "premium vehicles". Simeon tells us a young man named James De Santa bought a SUV, and has not paid for it ever since. Simeon is afraid the young man will damage the vehicle, so he sends Franklin out to go collect it.

Get in your car and follow the GPS-route to the house, which is in Rockford Hills. During your ride there, you'll recieve a phonecall from Simeon. He has heard that you kept the Bagger from the previous mission for yourself, and he is everything but happy with that. Franklin reassures Simeon that he and Lamar would have eventually given the bike back. Simeon says that you and him will have "a nice conversation" when you return with the SUV. He also lets you know that the garage is secured, so you'll have to go through the house to get to the SUV. Once you've arrived at the house, jump over the gate. You'll spot the gardener, so try to take him out using stealth (press L3 on PS3/PS4 or LB on 360/Xbone). Once he's down, try to find into the house. You'll spot the gardener's truck at the driveway. Climb the truck and get onto the roof. The window will be open. Stay in stealth mode and proceed down the stairs. Once you arrive in the garage, get in the BeeJay XL. The garage gate will open, as well as the driveway's gate. On your way to the dealership, Franklin will call Simeon to inform him that he has the vehicle. Suddenly, Michael will appear from the backseat, having a gun to your head. He tells you to keep driving, and asks Franklin who sent him. Franklin explains he's working for Simeon. Michael tells Franklin to take him there. Once you arrive, you'll be across the dealership. Michael tells Franklin to drive the car through Simeon's window, as fast as possible. Please Michael, and floor the car through the window. Simeon comes running to you asking what you have done. Michael gives Franklin some money and tells him to get out of there. You'll now be in control of Michael, and you are supposed to fight Simeon. Controls will appear guiding you through the fight. Once you've defeated Simeon, Michael tells Simeon he makes sure he doesn't have to come back, or else this would have a worse outcome. You can now switch between Michael and Franklin. Mission Passed!

Gold Medal Requirements

Time Finish the mission in 5 minutes.
Can't Touch This Take no damage during the fight with Simeon.
Dirt Nap Knock out the gardener with a stealth attack.