First Date (GTA San Andreas)

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
First Date (GTA San Andreas)
Body Harvest
Starts at Marker The Welcome Pump
Given by Catalina
Reward None

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This isn't really a mission, all you have to do is drive.

Go to the Vraagteken.gif sign at the restaurant The Welcome Pump in Dillimore. Step into the red marker and a cut scene will start. You'll see Catalina (also starring in GTA III) making a fuss, something we know her for. After a while she'll get to business and says she wants to steal as much money as possible. She's got four targets to achieve this goal:

These targets are marked with a MoneyMarker.gif sign on your radar, it's up to you to choose a target. The petrol station is closest to your current position, so it seems the best choice to choose that one first.

After the cut scene you completed this 'mission'.