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You may want to use (partially) transparent tiles, to create things like fences, metal grids, stairs, etc. To do this, we have to use so-called "flat" tiles. Tiles which are ment to use as flat tiles can be recognised by the color black. Black becomes invisible when the option "flat" is ticked in Block Info.

In this tutorial, we're going to create a fence. There are several types of fence you can use. In this example, we'll use tile 635. Select the area where you want to place the fence and fill the front tiles of the selection with tile 635. Don't just paint the tiles with the pencil tool, but use Block Info: more about this later. Don't remove the selection yet.

A fence.

You now have a fence, but you can't see through it and it's only visible from one side. To fix this, select "Flat" in Bottom in the lower right corner of the editor.

A see-through fence.

Now you have a fence as it should be. You can remove the selection now.

You had to use Block Info for this, because you can only make one face of a cube flat at a time. When using Block info, you can also only paint one face, so you'll never accidentally try to make two faces flat at once. Furthermore, you can only make faces flat if you painted them right before that.


  • Some tiles are ment to only use them as flat. Don't use them otherwise, because they'll have an ugly black background.
  • Slopes can be flat, but diagonal walls can't.

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