Franklin and Lamar

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Mission in GTA V
Franklin and Lamar
Starts at Na.
Given by Simeon Yetarian
Reward $250,=

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As Michael sits down on a bench after his consultation at Dr. Friedlander, we hear two people coming closer. It's Franklin and Lamar, and they are obviously searching for something or someone. Lamar spots Michael and asks if he would know where "Bertolt's Beachhouse" is. At first, Michael is reluctant to help the duo, but changes his mind, and shows them the house with the yellow stairs as their destination. Franklin isn't satisfied with Lamar's actions, and doesn't hesitate to make that clear.

Once you arrive at the house, you will gain control over Franklin. There are two parked cars, a Obey 9F and a Dewbauchee Rapid GT, in front of the house. Lamar tells you both cars haven't been paid for, and have to be repossessed. You now have the choice to pick one of the two cars. Once you enter the vehicle, a cutscene will appear, showing Lamar and Franklin lowering their roof. What follows is a trip through a small part of Los Santos, including Rockford Hills and even the Richards Majestic-studios. Eventually, Lamar drives through the underground parking of the Union Depository, coming to a stop just outside of the building. After a short conversation, police sirens can be heard in the distance. The duo decides they don't want to explain their actions to the police, so they decide to floor it. you will now have a two-star wanted level, which you are supposed to lose. Try to lose the cops by hiding in sidestreets.

Once you have lost your wanted level, proceed to the location marked on your map. You will now see a cutscene, where Simeon is trying to sell a car to James. Simeon also calls James a racist, and to further complicate things, Lamar also intervenes. Franklin has had enough and says goodbye to his boss, proceding to his car. Lamar will join you in your ride to your house. Once you arrive, the game will explain how saving vehicles works. Franklin and Lamar say goodbye, while Franklin enters his house. Once inside, the game will explain the game a bit more. Once this is done, you will have passed the mission. The first mission in GTA V is done, and you are now free to do what you want.

Gold Medal Requirements

Not A Scratch Deliver the repossessed car with minimal damage.
Focused Driver Use Franklin's special ability for 7 seconds.
Winner Win the race against Lamar.
We Come in Peace Avoid hitting any aliens in the Richards Majestics lot.


The actors in alien-costumes you are not supposed to run over.
Franklin's special ability being used.
Get rid of your wanted level!