Mike Toreno (mission)

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
T-Bone Mendez
Mike Toreno
Starts at Marker Pleasure Domes
Given by Jizzy B. and
T-Bone Mendez
Reward $7,000.=

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Mike Toreno has been kidnapped by some people. His cellphone still operates but his battery is almost dead, so you'll have limited time in order to find him. Toreno will give a few clues to where his position might be.

First he'll let you drive to the construction site near CJ's garage because he hears heavy machinery. When you get there Mike says he hears a truck reversing, this might be in the harbor, so you've to drive to Easter Basin. When you arrive there Mike says he heard gunfire and thinks he might have gone past a security gate. As there is no such gate in the harbor you'll have to drive to the Easter Bay Airport, which does have a security gate.

Once you get there you'll see the open gate and some dead guards. From now on Mikes cellphone will send out a signal: the stronger the signal the closer you are to his position. When you're close enough a van will show up on the radar with a red blip. Go drive next to the van and do a drive-by, after a few hits the van and it's protection will stop to shoot at you. Kill them but be sure not to hit the van too much.

When they're dead you'll see a cut scene. You've to destroy the van and then get away from the airport. Drive into the red marker, after which you'll have a 3 star wanted level. Loose it by driving to the nearest Pay 'n' Spray or collect some cop bribes. When you got rid of the wanted level drive back to the Pleasure Domes to complete the mission.


When you've used the cheat 'Remove wanted level forever' you won't have a wanted level after you drove into the marker outside the airport, but the marker at the Pleasure Domes won't appear immediately. It may take some time before it will appear, patience is a virtue! Or play the mission again without the cheat.