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This page contains a list of extensions, files and names frequently used while modding GTA2.

Extension Explanation Edit with
*.gmp GBH Map File Level Map Editor
*.sty Style File Images like tiles, cars, fonts, etc. Each district has it's own style file. STY Editor
*.gxt GTA Text File Text. Every language has two text files: the main file and a _bob file for the Manager. GXT Editor
*.scr Script File Compiled script. A level can have more scripts when it has missions or two or more players. Nvt.
*.mis Mission File Uncompiled script. Scripts must be compiled with the Script Compiler to a *.scr file to use them. Notepad
*.tmp Temperal script file This file is generated by the Compiler when it compiles a script. It isn't used. Kladblok
*.mmp Multiplayer Map File File which lists which *.sty and *.scr file a multiplayer level uses, which name it has and how many players it supports. Each multiplayer level has as many mmp files as players. Kladblok
File Explanation Edit with
test1.seq List of all singleplayer levels with their *.sty and *.scr file and name. Notepad
fstyle.sty Additional images like fonts. STY Editor
nyc.gci The car physics Physics Editor
Power Manager
Name Explanation name Level
wil William Mills Downtown District (Singleplayer)
ste Stephen Banks Residential District (Singleplayer)
bil Billy Thompson Industrial District (Singleplayer)
downtown Downtown District (Multiplayer)
res Residential Residential District (Multiplayer)
industrial Industrial District (Multiplayer)
mp1 Multiplayer 1 Tiny Town
mp2 Multiplayer 2 Face Off
mp5 Multiplayer 5 Hidden Surprise
lorne2e Lorne Campbell 2 Easy Bonus Level A
lorne2m Lorne Campbell 2 Medium Bonus Level B
lorne2h Lorne Campbell 2 Hard Bonus Level C
mike1e Mike Stirling 1 Easy Bonus Level D
mike1m Mike Stirling 1 Medium Bonus Level E
mike1h Mike Stirling 1 Hard Bonus Level F
mike2e Mike Stirling 2 Easy Bonus Level G
mike2m Mike Stirling 2 Medium Bonus Level H
mike2h Mike Stirling 2 Hard Bonus Level I

The multiplayer levels "mp3" en "mp4" were made during production, but the weren't chosen for the final game. The bonus levels "lorne1e", "lorne1m" and "lorne1h" are also missing.

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