No. 1

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Mission in GTA IV
Out of the Closet
No. 1
Stevie's Car Theft
Starts at BrucieMarker.png Brucie's garage
Given by Brucie
Reward Comet,
You are now a Friend of Brucie

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When you arrive at Brucie's garage he wants to show you a shiny Banshee. Unfortunately the car will not start. The mechanic, Fanky, mentions they might be able to borrow Stevie’s car. While driving Brucie will call Stevie to ask him if they can borrow his car. Stevie is okay with it and he lends you the car. Once you are in the car, which appears to be a Comet, it becomes clear why you need the car. Brucie asks you to drive to the starting line, which clarifies a race has been organized. Niko asks Brucie if he wants to drive, but Brucie says he is just there to look good. By now it is obvious; you will have to win the race. Once at the start you will see some other fast sports cars. Place your car in the marker and the race will start. Drive to the finish as fast as possible and try to win. After you have finished first place Brucie will ask you to take him home. While driving Brucie will tell you you can keep the car. Niko says it is okay to be friends with Brucie, but he does not want to work for him any more; he thinks Brucie is on steroids too much, and therefore he wants Niko to kill people. When Brucie is home, the mission is passed.


  • The Comet is quite sensitive, so go low on gas in the corners.
  • Do this mission during the night, there will be less traffic. Do not forget to use your headlights.
  • Do not do this mission while it rains, it will make you skid easier.
  • You can bump into the car in the front, after which the race will start and you will not start last and you will not have to pass the annoying opponents.


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