OG Loc (mission)

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Nines and AK's
OG Loc
Running Dog
Life's a Beach
Starts at BigSmokeMarker.gif Idlewood
Given by Big Smoke
Reward Respect

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You have to pick up Jeffrey, also called OG Loc, from prison. Get in the Glendale and drive to the police station. After the cut scene you have to drive to Freddy's house, because he stole something from OG Loc.

When you arrive at the house you've to get out of the car and step into the red marker in front of the door. After a cut scene you have to chase Freddy on a PCJ-600, stay close to him while OG Loc does drive-by's on Freddy. Of course you can also do drive-by's on Freddy yourself. Don't worry if you can't stay close to him because Freddy will wait from time to time for you.

When you haven't killed Freddy after a while, he will hide with some Vagos. Kill every Vagos members and kill Freddy. Then you will see a short cut scene and you have to drive OG Loc back to his new job at the Burger Shot. Mission Passed!


At the begin.
Pick up OG Loc.
Catch and Kill Freddy.
Chase 1.
Chase 2.
Kill Freddy.
Bring OG Loc back.
Mission Passed!