Pier 69 (mission)

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Ice Cold Killa
Pier 69
Toreno's Last Flight
Starts at Marker Esplanade North
Given by Cesar Vialpando
Reward $15,000.=

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Go to Pier 69, indicated by the Marker marker on your radar, Cesar will meet you there. Get on the roof which faces Pier 69 to get a good position. Cesar will give you a sniper rifle which you've to use to kill the men of T-Bone Mendez who are standing on the roof. Be careful not to kill any of the Triads Woozie sent, they are the ones in the black suits. When you've killed the enemies on the roof, walk downstairs and hurry to Pier 69.

When you get to Pier 69, watch out for all the gangsters there. There are a whole bunch of them shooting from all corners at you. Make your way to the waterside of the pier where you'll find T-Bone Mendez. Kill him, but keep in mind that he will not drop as fast as other gangsters do. When T-Bone is dead, you will see Ryder jumping into the water.

Follow Ryder into the water, he'll swim to a small isle with two Speeders next to it. Follow Ryder's example by grabbing one of them and start chasing him. Try to get next to his boat and start doing drive-by's, until his boat catches fire. Move away from his boat, so you won't get damaged by the explosion which will follow. After the boat is exploded, you've passed the mission.


  • You can kill most of the gangsters with the Sniper Rifle. By doing so, you won't take a lot of risk of dying.
  • You can come face-to-face with T-Bone Mendez without seeing any other gangsters when you go around Pier 69 via the sides.
  • When you're quick enough you can destroy the Speeders with a rocket launcher from shore, which also leads to Ryder's dead. This way you won't have to chase him down.


On the roof with Cesar.
Killing the San Fierro Rifa.
Killing the San Fierro Rifa and Ballas.
Killing T-Bone Mendez.
Chase Ryder, steal the boat.
Drive-by on Ryder.
Ryders boat explodes.
Mission passed!