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Mission in GTA V
Franklin and Lamar
Starts at PDM, Pillbox Hill
Given by Simeon Yetarian
Reward Unlocks Strangers and Freaks

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Once you arrive at Premium Deluxe Motorsport, you will be greeted by Simeon. Simeon has a suprise for Franklin. Simeon made Franklin "Employee of the Month", something Franklin really doesn't care for. He says it's time to do something else with his life, as all he's doing now is doing stuff other people tell him to do. Simeon tells Franklin he has never had a "black son", but if he wold, he'd wish he was like Franklin. Lamar enters the office and greets the duo, and recieves the news from Simeon that Franklin has been named "Employee of the Month". Lamar is upset he isn't the new Employee of the Month, and starts to argue with Franklin. Simeon quickly intervenes and says he only has one repo today, at Vespucci Beach. A man named Esteban Jimenez has not paid a single time for his bike. Franklin asks Simeon if this Esteban character is in a gang. Simeon says "he does not know".

Get in your vehicle of choice with Lamar, and proceed to Magellan Ave in Vespucci. During the drive there, Lamar tells you he suspects Jimenez is in the Los Santos Vagos, so he wants to avoid as much trouble as possible. Once you arrive, you'll have to jump the fence. At the end of the alley you'll find three garages. You are supposed to open all three, but open the garage that is to your right. As you open the garage, you'll see that there is neither a bike, and neither a owner present in the garage. Vagos appear behind your back, and Lamar draws his weapon and shoots one of the gang members. Pick up the weapon the gang memeber dropped and take cover. You'll have to work your way from cover to cover, to avoid minimal damage. You will recieve incoming gunshots from all sides, both on the ground, and from a building's balcony. You can disable a few members easily by shooting the gas bottle that is behind them. A car will come out of a garage, driving backwards. The car doesn't get far though, as it hits a pole. The car left an oil trail, which you can ignite by simply shooting it. The car will explode and take a few hostiles with it. When all the Vagos members are dead, Jimenez will appear at the other side of the fence you climbed over at the beginning of the mission. If you're a fast shot, you can easily kill him with a headshot. if you're too late, you'll have to chase and kill him. Either way, you'll end up with the Western Bagger. You'll have to meet Lamar at the carwash in Pillbox Hill. Franklin has had it with Lamar, who doesn't hesitate to show it to him. Lamar, who as usual, says he has done nothing wrong, tells Franklin he intends to keep the bike. He also says Franklin should tell Simeon they failed to retrieve the bike. Lamar leaves, and Franklin yells he "should do it himself". As you "failed" to retrieve the bike, you will recieve no reward. Mission Passed!

Gold Medal Requirements

Time Complete within 06:30 (you can skip the cutscenes.)
Trail Blazer Shoot the gasoline trail.
Headshots Kill 6 enemies with a headshot.
Accuracy Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%.