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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Black Project
Starts at Marker Verdant Meadows
Given by Mike Toreno
Reward $20,000.=

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You have to blow up an Andromada, which is owned by a secret agency. You start with a PCJ-600 and the purpose is to drive into the plane before it takes off.

The plane drops barrels, so watch out you don't crash into them. At the start of the mission, immediately accelerate with your bike and skim past the right side of your opponents, who are shooting at you. Once you passed them steer towards the middle of the plane and drive as close to the ramp as possible. Wait until the next load of barrels rolls out of the plane and drive onto the ramp right after them.

Once inside the plane eliminate all the security guards, but be careful with firearms: if you hit the plane it will explode with CJ inside and you'll fail the mission. Place a satchel charge somewhere in the plane and steal the parachute from one of the security-men you just killed. Jump out of the plane and let the satchel charge explode.


  • Drive the bike with CJ in an aerodynamic position to reach a higher speed in short notice in order to reach the Andromada earlier.
    • PC: tap the arrow-up button repeatedly.
    • PS2: push the left analog stick slightly forward.
  • Once inside the plane it's handy to wait until all barrels rolled outside, so you won't be bothered by them anymore.
  • The game has also short cut scenes when you don't get into the plane and when it explodes before you are out of the plane, so when you are curious it's also nice to see them.
  • Firearms may be dangerous aboard but when you aim accurate it's doable, a baseball bat or a katana however will be a good alternative.