Weekend at Florian's

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Mission in GTA IV
No Way on the Subway
Hostile Negotiation
Weekend at Florian's
Hating the Haters
Pest Control
Starts at After Ray's phonecall
Given by Niko Bellic
Reward None

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You will receive a phone call from Ray, in which he will tell you he has found someone Niko is looking for. After that you will automatically call Roman to tell him you need him. You have to pick up Roman at your safe house in Algonquin. So drive to the safe house and pick him up. Then you have to drive to Talbot, who has information for you. Make sure you get a four-door car. Then you have to listen to Talbot really good, because he is your navigation. So when he says you should go right, you better do so. And do not drive too fast, because then he will not recognize the street and he cannot orientate any longer. Eventually you will arrive in front of a building in Middle Park West. After a cut scene it appears that Florian Cravic, a friend of Niko in the army back in Eastern Europe, also has been betrayed by Darko Brevic, another friend, and so they want to find Darko together.


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