You've Had your Chips

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Explosive Situation
You've Had your Chips
Don Peyote
Starts at Marker The Four Dragons Casino
Given by Wu Zi Mu
Reward $10,000.=

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Woozie and CJ are playing blackjack when a Triads member interrupts them and explains that there are two chips and one is clearly a fake. Woozie says that the Sindacco Family have a plastics factory across town, so it's obvious it came from there.

Head towards the factory and "disturb" their operation. The factory has guards watching the main entrance at the gate, so you should find another way to sneak into unnoticed. When you have penetrated via the main entrance the mafia will see you and warn the boss. The mafia will watch all angles and breaches. It is best to find a suitable place (like upstairs or behind a crate) to take cover and shoot everybody. Eliminate the mafia and blast the eight injection molding machines that are scattered across the interior, pay attention as the machines will explode, so be sure to keep a safe distance so you won't get involved in the explosion!. Get back to The Four Dragons Casino in one piece and stop in the red marker to complete the mission.


  • When you arrive at the plastics factory it's a good idea to sneak around the compound and finally to sneak inside. This saves much unnecessary effort.
  • Try to destroy the Admiral outside the plastics factory before the cut scene in the factory starts when the mafia see you and warn the boss. This saves much unnecessary effort.
  • In the factory are two men with a combat shotgun. Kill them before they shoot you, because one hit from this gun has a huge impact on CJ's health.


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