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This is the main page of GTA2 modding. Here you'll find everything about altering GTA2, ranging from installing new levels to making your own. The most important parts of this tutorial are mapping (creating levels) and scripting (writing scripts). Next to that, some smaller tutorials like altering text or physics are further down the page. At the very bottom, you'll find a list of downloads.



Basic features
Basic features
Map Editor A description of the GTA2 Editor, the program needed to create levels. Main script How to make a simple script to play your level.
Buildings Creating a buildin and learning to work with block type mode. Script Compiler A description of the Script Compiler, the program needed to convert text files to GTA2 scripts.
Roads Creating a road network and get vehicles to drive on it. Code lists A list of all available objects, vehicles, weapons, characters and more.
Water & animations Animating tiles and creating water. Vehicles Creating parked vehicles.
Slopes Creating slopes, diagonal walls and other shapes. Objects Creating objects, pick-ups and weapons.
Flat tiles Creating flat and see-through tiles. Sounds Creating sounds.
Collision info Making walls solid, partially solid or unsolid.
Level edge Explanation of the edge of a level. Scripting manual GTA2 scripting.doc, the official DMA Design scripting manual.
Lighting Creating lights to make it possible to play your level in "dusk" mode. IF If X, do Y.
Zones Description of all available zones. COUNTERs Keeping track of conditions
Putting a level ingame How to get your newly created level ingame. WHILE While X, do Y
Subroutines Jumping to commands
THREAD_TRIGGERs How to trigger threads like missions.
PHONEs Creating telephones.
Kill Frenzies Making a Kill Frenzy
Jesus saves! Creating a save point.
A simple mission An example of a very simple mission.
Additional features
Additional features
Car shops Creating a building for car shops Car shops Scripting the actual car shop
Cranes & crushers Creating a building for a car crusher. Cranes & crushers Scripting several different cranes and the car crusher.
Gangs The placement of gangzones. Gangs Scripting the features of a gang.
Subway Creating the subway track and placing all the zones. Subway Scripting the ammount of trains, how they look and where they start.
Map Creating a map of your level. Multiplayer scripts Converting a level to a multiplayer level.

Other tutorials

Texting Altering text in GTA2 using the GXT-editor.
Physics Altering the physics of vehicles, like top speed and weight.
Creating vehicles Creating and installing your own vehicles with proper remaps and deltas.
Terminology A list of terminology used when modding GTA2.
Installing levels Installing new levels


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