Assault shotgun

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Assault shotgun
Assault shotgun, Street sweeper
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The Lost and Damned

The assault shotgun is a fully automatic shotgun in Grand Theft Auto IV's episodic expansion The Lost and Damned. The shotgun is given to Johnny Klebitz in the mission Heavy Toll, before he ambushes a drug convoy of the Angels of Death with Malc and DeSean and is notably used in the mission Shifting Weight. The weapon itself can fire eight rounds at an extremely high rate of fire. It can dispatch enemies and vehicles in no time, and even low flying helicopters are not safe. Its range is equal to the pump shotgun, which is a bit less than the combat shotgun.

It is based on the SWD/Cobray Street Sweeper.


  • Although named assault shotgun in the game, Johnny refers to it as the street sweeper.
  • The text "TY CITY ARMORY" is stamped on the side of the gun, but the folded stock covers the first word partially. Most likely it reads "LIBERTY CITY ARMORY".

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