Daisy Cash-Cooze

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Daisie Cash-Cooze
Daisie Cash-Cooze
Gender Female
Gang Na.
Hometown Liberty City
GTA GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony
Voice Elizabeth Jasicki

Daisie Cash-Cooze is a young British girl. Luis Lopez meets her in Maisonette 9, where she's so drunk that she thinks Luis is called Steve, and Tony is called Terry. After a short phone call she start panicking: apparentally she has recently given a handjob to homosexual action actor Chris Hunt, and he filmed it. Daisie is afraid he will make it public, which might threaten her oncoming marriage with a guy called Bertie. Luis decides to help her, but is unable to prevent the movie from being shown on a television screen in Star Junction.

Later on, Daisie sends a mail in which she says her marriage will continue anyway.


  • The chat between Luis and Daisie suggests that she is one of the many girls Luis has slept with.