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Index of the forum is the forum of It's the largest Dutch language forum about the GTA series, having over 100,000 members and over 2.2 million posts. If you have a question about GTA, there is a very good chance you'll find it there.


The primary focus of the forum lies, of course, with the GTA games. Every game has its own subforum where people can post about the game, like sharing an opinion, asking a question or helping others. Not a single game is excluded, even the GTA Classics and GTA Online have their own subforums.

Besides the GTA subforums, there are also places for other subjects. There's a subforum for almost every topic imaginable. From computer problems, to graphics, to politics, to soccer.


Each day, new people register on our forums to ask questions about things they want to know. Some of those people remain loyal to the forums, even after they got their answers, in order to help others with their questions, and for the good atmosphere which can be found on the forums. Loyal members can become Superlid (Super Member) or even Mega Lid (Mega Member). These titles are generally awarded for extraordinary knowledge about one or more GTA games or for extraordinary helpfulness in other areas. Extra abilities are gained when such title is awarded, such as the ability to post in a hidden section of the forums and the ability to upload files to the gallery. Members of those groups can be distinguished by the color of their nickname.
Every member with more than 50 posts and is more than one month on the forum, can join the Gangs or Corporations on the forum. These are groups of members, who can posts freely in their own topic or in case of a corporation: their own subforum.

The Crew

To make sure the rules of the forum are maintained, a skilled crew has been made to make sure every one has a good time on the forum. The crew consists of Moderators and Admins. Members who have a problem or a question about the forum or subforum in general can ask any of the crew about it. They will do their best to help as good as possible.


Big projects made by our members can get a subforum of their own by request. It will be placed under the "Hosted sites & Hosted projects" so they have enough space to develop their project. An example of such a project is Grand Tani Islands or GTA Martineza, and even WikiGTA used to be in that forum too. The project leaders are the moderators of the forum and can design it just the way they want it to. If you are looking for a place to host your (big) modification, you can always contact the crew for such a subforum. Depending on the progress and quality of the mod, it is decided whether or not you get your own subforum.

WikiGTA on the forum

As said, WikiGTA used to have a subforum in the "Hosted sites & Projects", but now it's been moved to the index of the forum. This way, it is in plain sight and easy to find. In the forum you can post any mistake you came across browsing through the site, or make a suggestion to improve the wiki. Every thought you want to share with us is welcome.

WikiGTA members are often chosen based on what they show on the forum. The members can suggest a non-wikigta member based on their efforts and knowledge for/of the GTA series and a vote will start. When a member is said to be an addition to the wiki, he/she is granted an account and the new member can access a hidden subforum. This subforum is used to discuss the wiki, like added content or what should be added.


On GTAForum some people and projects use the blog function to keep people updated on things or to entertain them. In the latter category there is a project called Oceans Weekly News, a forum paper which provides information about the forum itself, games in general and two columns about everday news. Also, WikiGTA has it's own blog, giving people information about new content added to the wiki and once in a while the statistics.
The Blogs can be found by clicking on the Blog link in the upright corner of the forum. If you want, you can comment on the articles ina blog, just like on the forums.


Via the Downloads button you can download mods, tools and other stuff that is connected to the GTA games. Members can download all this for free and rate the downloads if they want. Superlid and higher can add downloads to the database, to make them available for all the other members of the forum.


In the Gallery you can find screenshots, artwork, movies and trailers about GTA games. Members can view them for free and rate them to show which addition is best.

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