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Internallinkbutton.png [[Main Page]] [[page title]] Main Page
Internallinkbutton.png [[Main Page|Back to Main Page]] [[Page title|link name]] Back to Main Page
Internallinkbutton.png [[Vehicles (GTA Vice City)|]] [[Page (with brackets)|]] Vehicles
Externallinkbutton.png [] [external_link] [1]
Externallinkbutton.png [ The Dutch GTA site] [external_link link name] The Dutch GTA site
[[nl:Help:Instructies]] [[nl:Page name at Dutch WikiGTA]] Dutch (left)
[[:nl:Main Page|Click]] [[:nl:Page name at the Dutch WikiGTA|Link name|Link name]] Click
{{NL}} See here Dutch (left, only works at pages with the same name)
{{snapmap|2DT|626,365|Click}} {{snapmap|map|X,Y|Link name}} Click
{{snapmap|2DT|626,365}} {{snapmap|map|X,Y}} Click here to view the SnapMap
{{snapmap|2DT}} {{snapmap|map}} Click here to view the SnapMap
{{snapmap|1=2DT|3=Click}} {{snapmap|1=map|3=linknaam}} Click
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{{forum|55}} {{forum|Board ID}} Click
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{{user|28955|Buster}} {{user|user ID|name}} Buster
{{user|28955}} {{user|user ID}} Click
Headlinebutton.png ==Headline== ==Add text here== See Help:Instructions#Headlines
Imagebutton.png [[Image:example.jpg]] [[Image:image name.jpg]] See Help:Images
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Bus<!-- comment in edit -->ter <!-- Add text here --> Buster
1<sup>st</sup> <sup>Add text here</sup> 1ste
H<sub>2</sub>O <sub>Add text here</sub> H2O
<big>W</big>IKIGTA <big>Add text here</big> WIKIGTA
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