Los Santos Vagos

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Los Santos Vagos
Los Santos Vagos
Leader Big Poppa
Location Los Santos
Color Yellow/Orange
Weapon Pistol
AK 47
Gang car Na.
Rival Varrios Los Aztecas
GTA GTA San Andreas

The Los Santos Vagos are a very dangerous gang and are always in the mood and ready for a heavy fight with other gangs. Their biggest enemy are the Varrios Los Aztecas. Most of their gang members hang around along the coast, you can recognize them by the yellow color. Most of their territories are in northeast Los Santos, where the first big hills starts, a good place to shelter for other rival gangs. When you want to start a gang war against them, make sure to have enough protection and bring some homies to help you, this is also a good strategy against the Ballas.

Los Santos Vagos Gang Tag
Los Santos Vagos