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Gender Male
Gang None
Hometown England
Voice Richard Easton

Nigel is a tourist from England, he's together with his friend Mrs. Thornhill on holiday in Los Santos to find used objects from celebrities. Trevor will find Nigel for the first time in Vinewood, when Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill are searching through the garbage of a unknown household. Nigel thinks that Trevor is Jock Cranley, he asks Trevor if he could take a photograph with him, while he's pretending to choke him. After their conversation, Trevor told him that he will help Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill in searching for objects from celebrities. In the last missions of Vinewood Souvenirs, the populair celebrity Al Di Napoli is getting kidnapped by Nigel, Mrs. Thornhill and Trevor.


  • Nigel tells Trevor that Mrs. Thornhill has given birth to two childeren and that she is married with someone else.
  • Nigel tells Trevor that Mrs. Thornhill met him online and that they became good friends with eacher.