Niko Bellic

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Niko Bellic
Nikolai Bellic
Gender Male
Gang Na.
Hometown Liberty City
Voice Michael Hollick

Niko Bellic (original pronunciation: 'Niko Bellitch', English pronunciation: 'Bellik') is the protagonist of GTA IV. Niko is born in an unspecified East European country. In his mid thirties, he emigrates to Liberty City after his cousin Roman told him about the American Dream. Niko hopes to be able to start a new life in America, but Roman has lied to him: he isn't as successful as he said, and is in fact heavily in debt.

In the first trailer of GTA IV, Niko tells us:

"Life is complicated. I killed people... Smuggled people... Sold people. Perhaps here, things will be different."

A lot of fans have noticed Niko Bellics resemblance to Sasha, a Serbian sniper in the movie 'Behind Enemy Lines', played by the Russian actor Vladimir Mashkov. Whether this resemblence was done on purpose is unknown.