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Army Fatigues

VCS Army Fatigues.jpg

First in the missions from Jerry Martinez, after you finished the mission Over the Top you can get this Outfit.


VCS Casuals.jpg

Accessible after the mission; Conduct Unbecoming.


VCS Leisure.jpg

Buy a High Roller Prostitution building.

Trailer Trash

VCS TrailerTrash.jpg

Accessible after the mission; D.I.V.O.R.C.E.

Cuban Style

VCS CubanStyle.jpg

Accessible after the last mission from Umberto Robina; Havana Good Time.

Pastel Suit

VCS PastelSuit.jpg

Accessible after the mission; Brawn of the Dead.


VCS Tracksuit.jpg

Buy a High Roller Drugs building.


VCS Hood.jpg

Buy a High Roller Robbery building.

Hired Muscle

VCS HiredMuscle.jpg

Buy a High Roller Protection Racket building.


VCS Repo-Man.jpg

Buy a High Roller Loan building.


VCS Smuggler.jpg

Buy a High Roller Smuggling building.

Smart Suit

VCS SmartSuit.jpg

Pass all the missions from the Empire Building Submission.


VCS Winner.jpg

Accessible after the last mission; Last Stand

Wet Suit

VCS WetSuit.jpg

Pass the Watersports side mission.

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