Pistol locations (GTA San Andreas)

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Pistol · All locations · Weapon list
Pistol, only available during the mission 'Sweet's Girl'.
Pistol, reward for the mission 'Nines and AK's'.
Pistol, reward for dating Helena.
Legend Oranjestip.gif Always available Rodestip.gif Reward Blauwestip.gif During a mission
Hand Brass knuckles
Melee Baseball bat · Chainsaw · Golf club · Katana · Knife · Night stick · Pool cue · Shovel
Pistols Pistol · Silenced pistol · Desert Eagle
Shotguns Shotgun · Sawn-off shotgun · Combat shotgun
Machine guns Tec-9 · Micro SMG · SMG
Assault rifles AK 47 · M4
Rifles Rifle · Sniper rifle
Heavy artillery Flame thrower · Minigun · Rocket launcher · Heat-seeking rocket launcher
Thrown weapons Grenade · Molotov cocktail · Satchel charge · Tear gas grenade
Handheld items Camera · Fire extinguisher · Spray can
Gifts Cane · Flowers · Dildo
Apparel items Night vision goggles · Parachute · Thermal goggles