Pizza Boy

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GTA Vice City Pizza Boy
Pizza Boy
Requires Pizza Boy
Goal Complete all 10 levels
Reward 150% Health
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To obtain the mission, you must reach level 10 without taking a brake. At each level you must deliver some pizza’s with the Pizza Boy. At level 1 you must deliver one pizza, at level 2 two, at level 3 three, etc. For each level you get five minutes. When you have arrived at a customer, you must perform a drive-by to throw the pizza to him/her. Look to the left or the right, and press the attack-button.

The levels are not indicated as submissions. Before you start this submission, just take al look at your map for your customer’s locations. It could be useful to know there locations, so you can make your own way without any time problems.

When you passed the mission, you won’t be able to play this mission again. There are no extra bonus levels, so the mission simply disappears when you passed it. When you step onto a Pizza Boy, the mission won't start anymore.


  • You can only take six pizza’s at one time. When you’re out, you must get back to the Well Stacked pizza restaurant (as quick as you can) to get some more pizza’s.
  • When you travel to a location with other customers, make sure you have enough pizza’s. It’s no problem to throw a pizza away, and take some new. Just make sure you've got enough.
  • You can find the Pizza Boys in Downtown, Vice Point and Little Haïti. A recommended location is Vice Point, because the customers aren’t separate over a big area. That means less travel, in a small area.