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The respect-o-meter

Respect is a very important aspect of GTA2. Each gang has seven Missions to offer: two green, three yellow and two red missions. Which missions are available depends on how much the gang respects you. When entering a district, each gang has one respect for you, which means only the green missions are available. In the upper left corner of the HUD (and on the right of this page), you'll see the 'respect-o-meter', which is used to see the ammount of respect each gang has for you. Each gang has its own bar in its gang color and with its gang icon. The more of the right side of the bar is light up, the more the gang respects you. If you have enough respect to do missions, a small green, yellow or red light will appear. However,

Respect can be earned by completing missions or by killing gang members of a rival gang. Logically, if you kill gang members of a gang, that gang will lose respect for you. If the left side of the respect bar is light up, it means the gang has no respect for you and the gang will start to attack you. In the Residential and Downtown District they'll use heavy weapons if their respect is too low.

Respect! is also a pick-up which increased the respect of a gang. This pick-up can be found by crushing a specific vehicle at the car crusher. This is the Wellard in the Downtown District and a Special Agent Car in the Residential and Industrial District.