Tag 51-60 (GTA San Andreas)

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Tag 51

Go to the Los Santos Police Department in Pershing Square. If you are busted in Los Santos, this is the place you'll be taken to. The tag is on the wall to the south side of the police station, near the crossing.

Gangtags 051a.JPG
Gangtags 051b.JPG
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Tag 52

Go to the City Hall in Commerce. Tag 52 is on the right of the main entrance.

Gangtags 052a.JPG
Gangtags 052b.JPG
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Tag 53

This tag is on the south wall of the Legal cinema. Use the radar from the first screenshot to find the precise location. The cinema is across the road form Roboi's Food Mart, where the first of the courier missions can be done.

Gangtags 053a.JPG
Gangtags 053b.JPG
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Tag 54

In Commerce is a giant building with black windows. Next to it is a white building that looks a bit like a church. Tag 54 is on the left side next to the entrance.

Gangtags 054a.JPG
Gangtags 054b.JPG
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Tag 55

There is a sand colored office north west of Little Mexico with a tall skyscraper next to it. The tag is on the wall of the building but can be difficult to spot from a distance.

Gangtags 055a.JPG
Gangtags 055b.JPG
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Tag 56

Across from the discotheque in Los Santos is a large building with a stone wall surrounding it's perimeter. The first screenshot is taken from the other side. The tag is on the wall of the building inside the area that is marked of by the stone wall. You can find the starting point for the Los Santos Streetraces if you go around the corner of the building. It is marked on the radar with a Marker (if they are already available).

Gangtags 056a.JPG
Gangtags 056b.JPG
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Tag 57

Find the building with the pillars from the first screenshot. The tag is at the back, near the stairs going down.

Gangtags 057a.JPG
Gangtags 057b.JPG
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Tag 58

This tag can be found on of the highway supporting beams of the Mulholland Intersection. If you are coming from the east, you should take the road that goes straight ahead. This road will pass the tag on the right.

Gangtags 058a.JPG
Gangtags 058b.JPG
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Tag 59

West of the Los Santos skate-park are some offices with stairs. Tag 59 can be found near the stairs at the north western point of this office complex.

Gangtags 059a.JPG
Gangtags 059b.JPG
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Tag 60

The Opera House is west of the Mulholland Intersection. The tag is on the east wall of the Opera House, near to a couple of dumpsters.

Gangtags 060a.JPG
Gangtags 060b.JPG
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