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GTA Chinatown Wars

The teaser is a weapon featured in GTA Chinatown Wars. It takes up the melee slot, and is the first weapon of its kind in GTA. It uses a battery, which starts at 100 and will deplete when used. It recharges when stopped being used. When fired, it launches a wire which attaches to the victim and sends a continuous electric charge through them as long as one holds the trigger down. When done for long enough, the victim will eventually start to smoke and catch on fire. This will immediately result in a wanted level of one star.

The teaser cannot be found on the streets, but can instead only be bought form Ammu-Nation for $300,=. Its description reads:

"Gun shy, but trigger happy? Get excited. Get delirious. Get all the pain compliance you need with this 'non-lethal' weapon."


Electroshock weapons normally are called 'tasers', but 'Taser' is a registered trademark.