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Name unknown
Gender Male
Gang Na.
Hometown San Fierro
GTA GTA San Andreas
Voice David Cross

Zero is a technician and has a shop with small technical appliances. He is very intelligent, and won a science contest in a fair way. This contest will be following him for the rest of his life, because one of the other participants, Berkley, has swore to take revenge, and Zero is very afraid of it. This will change when Carl Johnson arrives in San Fierro. He needs some people for the garage in Doherty, and Zero is one of them. But then the owner of the building of Zero's shop sells the shop. Carl buys him, so Zero can keep his shop. Berkley will attack the shop, and CJ has to help Zero. First CJ has to take down RC Barons. After this Carl wants to attack Berkley, and tries to destroy Berkleys delivery service. After Berkley was defeated in a fair game, Zero will be calmer. We will see him again by the "Heist Missions" in Las Venturas. During the preparation he tells a lot about the, in his eyes, legendary battle. Carl is fed up about it. After the break in Caligula's Casino is accomplished, and Zero confessed he told everything to Berkley, Carl knocked him down. Zero isn't dead, but has understand the message. This is also the last time we see him in the game.