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You are again in a Banshee. There are 2 cars parked behind a ramp close to the end of the course. You have to make a so-called Alley Oop. With the help of a ramp you need to get over the cars and land straight. Seems to be easy, but it is rather difficult to land correctly.

The fastest way to gold

Drive at the left side of the ramp and make sure you're with your right wheels at the edge of the ramp, so the car will make the Alley Oop above the cars. Now you have to land correctly. This depends on how you steered the car over the ramp, but it also is a matter of luck. When you completed the Alley Oop, and you landed perfectly, the front of the car has to be straight, just like you started.

Requirements for gold

  • Don't turn upside down.
  • Your overall score has to be 100%.
  • You have to make an Alley Oop.
  • You have to stand straight after the Alley Oop.


AlleyOop Scherm.jpg
AlleyOop Gold.jpg