Bleed Out

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Mission in GTA IV
Three's a Crowd
Bleed Out
Easy Fare
Starts at Na.
Given by Roman Bellic
Reward $50

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Bleed Out is a tutorial mission, which introduces you to a new fistfight system. Roman calls you with the announcement that he is threatened by Albanian loan sharks, to which Roman owes money. Go as fast as you can to Roman (his location is marked on the radar).

Once you are with Roman, you will see that he is beaten up by some man on a basketball field. After a cut scene, where they will explain some attack- and defence techniques, the Albanian loan sharks head straight for you. You have to kill them with the techniques you just learnt.

When you killed all the loan sharks, and you helped Roman back on his feet, you will see Darden (the leader of the Albanian loan sharks) get into a car and will try to escape. After a wild chase, you will end up in a fight, in which Darden uses a knife. You will again get some explanation. This time you will learn how to get the knife, and kill him with it. After this explanations, you have to kill Darden. When you did that, you have to take Roman back home and you completed the mission!


  • Instead of driving to Roman, you can also take a cab. This will prevent you from getting get the attention of the police.


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