Three's a Crowd

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Mission in GTA IV
It's your Call
Three's a Crowd
Bleed Out
Starts at Roman's Taxi Company
Given by Roman Bellic
Reward One free piece of clothing

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Roman will text you, saying he needs your help. Go to the cab office to start the mission. Once arrived, you'll see two man, Dardan Petrela and Bledar Morina, intimidate Roman by smashing his computer and threat him with a butterfly knife. Niko saves Roman and breaks the arm of Dardan. The two have learned their lesson for now, and they’ll flee. Roman is however not so satisfied with the fact that Niko has saved him; he thinks Niko has made things worse and they want to kill him. At that moment Roman's cell goes off, Mallorie asks if Roman can pick her and her girlfriend up. Roman can't do it, and asks Niko instead.

Once regained the control of Niko, get in Roman's Taxi and drive to the subway station in Hove Beach where Mallorie en Michelle are waiting for you. Sound the horn when you have arrived, to attract their attention. The two women must be driven to Michelle's apartment. Along the way Mallorie will say you need some new clothes, and act as matchmaker to get Niko he takes Michelle out on a date. When you have taken the two to Michelle's apartment Niko will automatically call Roman, he suggests the Russian Clothes Shop in Mohawk. Drive to the shop and buy something. The first item bought, will be free. Walk outside the shop to complete the mission, or continue buying some other clothes.


  • When you want to restyle Niko completely, it is recommend to buy the most expensive item first. In the beginning you will not have much money, and this way you can save some.


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