Blood Bowl

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Challenge in GTA San Andreas
Foster Valley Stadium
Blood Bowl
Requires The Green Sabre
Location Marker Foster Valley Stadium
Foster Valley, San Fierro
Goal Achieve 60 seconds
Reward Bloodring Banger

To start the Blood Bowl event you will have to walk into the marker outside the Foster Valley Stadium. When you are in the stadium you will find yourself driving a Bloodring Banger. This Bloodring Banger is placed on the edge of an oval bowl and has a passenger. This passenger will do drive-by's on the other Bloodring Bangers to destroy them. Because your opponents do also have passengers, repair pickups in the shape of screwdrivers have been spawned in the stadium. Driving through those pickups will repair your car. Your goal is to drive through all red coronas which may appear throughout the whole arena. Each time you are first to drive through such marker, 15 seconds will be added to the race time. If you achieve to get 60 seconds on the timer, you will win Blood Bowl. Other Bloodring Bangers are able to drive through the coronas as well. If they manage to do that, the corona will respawn on another location. When the timer hits zero, or when your car is destroyed, you have lost the event.


  • Be careful at first, as all Bloodring Bangers will drive to that first marker. They will hit each other and only one car will manage to drive away. When the marker respawns, you will have a much higher chance of being the first to get there.
  • It's recommended to drive at the side of the pit lane. By doing so, you will have a much lower chance of becoming rammed by opponents, thus being faster.


During the mission, you will also get a SMG to do drive-by's yourself. If you start the event with another machine gun, you will not have it after the event any more. In case you want to keep your munition, start the event with a SMG.


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