Cone Coil

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This isn't a very difficult challenge. You have to go through the lines of cones and at the end make a 180 degrees turn and go back. The more speed you have at the first line of cones, the more difficult will be the second row of cones. In total you have 3 lines with cones, and after that a half curve where you have to make a 180. Watch out you don't get of track, because then you have to start over.

The fastest way to gold

Give full throttle at the start and release it when you are between the first and the second line. When you are just after the second line, you can give full throttle again and go around the third line. Now you have to turn 180 degrees. Use your handbrake for turning and then give full throttle again. Drive back just like you avoided the cones at the beginning. When you passed the last line of cones, you have to give full throttle, but you have to take care, so you are straight at the final compartment.

Requirements for gold

  • You may not drive over cones.
  • Your overall score has to be 100%.
  • You have to cross the course.


ConeCoil Scherm.jpg
ConeCoil Gold.jpg