Dining Out

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Mission in GTA IV
Dining Out
Liquidize the Assets
Starts at GambettiMarker.png Hospital in Schottler
Given by Jon Gravelli
Reward $13.250

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Bobby Jefferson, from the previous mission, told Jon Gravelli you did well. He also asked about the one you are looking for, Darko Brevic. He even knows where he is, he appears to be in Bucharest. And how nice, he seems to be visiting Liberty City one of these days. But that is not important right now. He wants you to do his friend a favor. He wants you to take someone out for him. It is about Kim Young-Guk, the one you helped getting into Liberty City in the mission Babysitting. At this moment he will be dining in a restaurant, Mr. Fuk’s Rice Box in Alderney City.

So go to Mr. Fuk’s restaurant and go inside. Niko will tell the man behind the desk he wants to talk to Kim. But the man will tell him Kim is talking to the manager and does not want to be disturbed. Since this is not the answer you wanted, shoot the man and go towards the stairs. You will meet some other men, and they do not like you, and they will start shooting at you. Kill every one of them and go to the second floor. Go right and kill some more of Kim’s men. Go into the manager’s office to ask where Kim is. At first the manager will tell you Kim left some time ago, which of course is a lie. Point your gun at him to make him tell the truth. He will now tell you Kim heard you and he ran into the kitchen to get away. So go to the kitchen which is also on the second floor. There are now some more of Kim’s men, you have to kill them all. Once you get to the kitchen, two more of Kim’s men will come at you through the doors. Take them down and chase Kim. He will use the fire escape to get down and then get into a PMP 600. Get down as well and get on the NRG 900 which is there. Chase Kim, and kill him to finish the mission.


  • Start the mission with full health and armor. Make sure you have a SMG with a lot off bullets and a combat shotgun will come in handy ass well.
  • There will be body armor in the manager’s office.
  • If you do not want to chase Kim by motor you can kill him before he is getting in the PMP. One good shot with the RPG will finish the mission as well.


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