Fort Carson safe house

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Fort Carson

The safe house in Fort Carson looks identical to the safe house in Angel Pine from the outside and it uses safe house 3 as its interior. The same interior is also used for the safe houses in Whetstone, El Quebrados, Tierra Robada, Blueberry, Palomino Creek, Dillimore and that same one in Angel Pine. The inside of the safe house is built in "log cabin" style and consists entirely out of raw wood. Through the hallway (with wardrobe) you enter the simple living room, which also houses the kitchen. The bedroom with the save point is attached to the living room. Walk through the SavePointMarker.gif-icon to save the game. There is a garage that can save four vehicles. However, you have to place them on the right side of the garage; vehicles saved under the sloped left side will disappear. The safe house costs $30,000 to purchase. Behind the house a stairway leads to a small jetty where a Speeder is moored. More northward, under the railroad bridge, the southern entrance of a cave is located. The cave contains a cop bribe.

Living Room
Save point
Cave entrance
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