Have a Heart

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Mission in GTA IV
The Snow Storm
Have a Heart
Hostile Negotiation
Starts at ElizabetaMarker.png Elizabeta's apartment
Given by Elizabeta Torres
Reward $3000,=

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When you meet with Elizabeta she will be all panicking because the police are after her. She is all frustrated because she possibly will go to prison and everything will be for nothing. Then all of a sudden Manny enters announcing she must leave his people alone and she must stop dealing drugs. Elizabeta says she is not in the mood for this and she shoots Manny and his cameraman. She asks Niko to help her to get rid of the corpses. She knows a doctor who can help with this problem. Together Elizabeta and Niko stuff the corpses in the back of Elizabeta’s car.

When you get back control over Niko you have to deliver the corpses at the doctor’s place. Get in the car and drive to the doctor. When you get there, he knows what to do with them. Mission accomplished!


  • Another way is to wreck the car: Drive it into the water, let it explode or leave the car upside down on its rooftop, either way the mission will be passed. Elizabeta will never know, and the mission will be passed much faster. The disadvantage is that there will be no reward for you.
  • Make sure you do not damage the car too much. This will probably open the trunk and then the corpses will be visible to the police. In that case you will have a 2 star wanted level, which will not be easy to lose, because the corpses will remain visible.


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