Ice Cold Killa

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Snail Trail
between 8:00pm and 6:00am
Ice Cold Killa
Pier 69
Starts at Marker Doherty Garage
Given by Carl Johnson
Reward $12,000.=

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In this mission you'll get the chance of killing Jizzy B., in order to accomplish that go to the Pleasure Domes. However, the guards standing outside wont let you in. The game tells you to get onto the roof of the Pleasure Domes Club, as there's a skylight which will give you entrance to the club. Use the scaffolding to the left of the club to get onto the roof.

Go all the way down without shooting anybody on your way until you get to Jizzy and a cut scene. You will see Jizzy running out of the club and you'll have to chase him outside. Now, kill everyone on your way out to minimize the harm they can do to you, or you can just run like hell and ignore the guards.

Jizzy will flee in a Broadway which you have to chase. Find a car or a bike and go after Jizzy. Keep ramming his car or do some drive-by's. When the car is on fire, Jizzy will get out and run away. Kill him and when he's dead he'll drop his cellphone, grab this cellphone to finish the mission.


There are three ways to make the chase easier:

  • When you arrive at the Pleasure Domes shoot the tires of the Broadway standing there and damage the car a lot but don't destroy the car. The tires will still be flat and the Broadway is still heavily damaged when Jizzy steps into the car, so he can't drive very fast and it'll be easy to destroy the car.
  • Destroy the Broadway when you arrive at the Pleasure Domes; Jizzy will jump on a Pizzaboy when he comes out of the club. This makes it very easy to kill him, as you can just ram him of his bike with a car. When he tries to get up, drive him over with your car.
  • Dump the Stretches and the Broadway in the San Fierro Bay. But don't let the vehicle he's riding on explode, as that will fail the mission.


During the cut scene in the Pleasure Domes you'll see a ho, a blond lady with a purple top, having some words with Jizzy and being pushed by Jizzy. This blond lady is Bettina and her voice-actor is Noelle Sadler. It's assumed that she is the same blond lady on the cover of the game, due to the resemblance and in particular the color of her hair and the tattoo on the right bosom.


Getting on the roof.
From the roof into the building.
Kill everyone in the way.
Start chasing Jizzy.
Kill Jizzy.
Grab Jizzy's cellphone.
Mission passed!