If the Price is Right

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Mission in GTA IV
One Last Thing
If the Price is Right
Mr. & Mrs. Bellic
Starts at DealMarker.png Deal
Given by
Reward $250.000

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When you choose to cooperate with Dimitri, you will have to go to the DealMarker.png–sign. When you step or drive into the marker, the mission will start. You will meet up with Phil, who will tell you the two of you are going to Port Tudor. Get into your car, or take a car from the parking lot. Then drive to Port Tudor. While driving, Phil will tell you that you are going to get the money from the buyer, while Dimitri is delivering the money. Niko is glad he will not have to work with Dimitri, and Phil will tell you he is no fan of Dimitri as well, and he will not work with him again. When you get to the gate, you will be told to pick up the money as soon as Dimitri has delivered the heroin. When you drive into the marker, Dimitri will call you. He will tell you he is glad to work with you once again. Niko will tell him he does not feel the same and he is only there to pick up the money before he goes back home. Then Dimitri will tell him he killed all the men who came to pick up the heroin, and he still has it. However, you and Phil are on the buyers’ turf, and they will not let you go unharmed. Phil will notice that when you have to fight, you just as well fight for the money. It has to be somewhere inside the warehouse, and you better be the one to start the fight, before you will be attacked when they found out what Dimitri has done.

So follow Phil, he wants to go in through the roof. You will have to follow him up the stairs and than climb up the elevation. Follow Phil until you reach the final skylight. He will take out a carbine rifle and shoot the window, after which he will enter the warehouse. Take out a carbine rifle and follow him inside. Aim to your left and shoot the first buyer. Then go back to the right and go to the end. Take the stairs down and kill everyone on this level. After that you better start killing the men who are on the first floor. Be careful, some might try to use the stairs to get to you. When everyone you see is dead, you better shoot the ones who are on the scaffolding on the other side. Then go down and shoot the ones who are still alive on the first floor. After that you go on towards another scaffolding. Shoot the men from the ground. Once you killed a few, Phil and you will go up the stairs. Phil will go straight on, you better go to the right and kill everyone over there. When everyone is dead Phil will run towards the door and ask for help. First you have to kill everyone in the room by shooting through the glass, or throw a grenade inside. After they are dead, you go to Phil.

A cut scene will start in which you will see one of the buyers taking off with the money. Phil will shatter the door. Go straight on and then down the stairs. Take down some last men and go outside. The buyer will try to flee in a truck. You will see a Rancher and a Sanchez. Pick one and wait for Phil to join you, than follow the truck. He will drive rather reckless and he will hit other objects to block your route. Also barrels will fall from the truck, and of course there will be other traffic. You better avoid it all and perform a drive-by together with Phil. When the truck has enough damage, the buyer will get out and he will try to shoot you. Do not give him a chance and kill him. Take the money and bring Phil to Tudor, where you started this mission. While driving Phil will curse Dimitri, and he wants to know if Niko is thinking about getting even with him. Niko will tell him that getting even was what he would be doing in stead of the deal. Now he just wants to forget about Dimitri and what he did. Once Phil is back in Tudor the mission is passed.

Niko will give Roman a call. Roman is glad Niko made the deal and he even makes Niko a bit happier. Jimmy Pegorino also will call Niko. He is very glad, because of this deal the family still means something. He wishes you the best. After this Niko will call Kate and tell her he made the deal despite her advice, and that Dimitri ambushed him again. Kate can not believe that money is more important to you than your feelings, and when Niko asks her to go to Roman’s wedding with him, she will no do it. She does not want to be with you at the moment.


  • Start the mission with full health and armor. Also make sure you have enough weapons like a SMG and an assault rifle.
  • When chasing, use the Rancher and not the Sanchez. Because of the obstacles, the Rancher is better.
  • You can use a RPG to blow up the truck when it is still near. It will not damage the money, you simply have to pick it up.


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