Jamaican Heat

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Mission in GTA IV
Easy Fare
Jamaican Heat
Uncle Vlad
Starts at Roman's Taxi Company
Given by Roman Bellic
Reward $250

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After arriving at the marker at Roman's Taxi Company and walking into it you find yourself in Roman's office. Roman asks you to pick up a friend of his, Little Jacob. This is a pot-smoking Jamaican with dreadlocks. Go to the place Little Jacob is located right now and sound the vehicle horn to get his attention. Little Jacob will get into your cab and wants to go to Schottler. During the drive he asks you for a favour and tells you that he wants you to help him when things go wrong. To protect him he gives you a pistol.

At the destination in a little alley Little Jacob gets out the cab and tells you that you'll have to go to a safe place to cover him. Get out of your taxi and go in the same direction Little Jacob went. At your right hand there is a stairway. Take this upstairs and go to the "Lookout Spot". Once you're there, crouch and a little cutscene will start. As expected something is indeed going wrong and the drug dealers draw their weapons and start to shoot at Little Jacob. Take them down. When all of them are dead someone comes out of the door on top of a building. He has to die too. After the guy's unfortunate death, Little Jacob asks you to bring him to the café.

At the end of the mission you give your phone number to Little Jacob and you get his. In the future he can give you a call when he has a job for you to do and you can call him whenever you need a piece.


Firefights on the PlayStation 3: You can aim at someone by pressing the L2-button. Going from the one target to another is possible by moving your right joystick to the left or to the right. With the R1-button you open fire. When crouching, by pressing the L3-button once, your shooting is much more accurate.