Land Helicopter

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Flight School in GTA San Andreas
Helicopter Takeoff
Land Helicopter
Destroy Targets
No award No award < 70%
Bronze Bronze award 70% - 84%
Silver Silver award 85% - 99%
Gold Gold award 100%

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In this mission you learn how to land a helicopter. You start airborn, at the end of the runway. Gain speed by slightly pointing the nose of the helicopter down. When you're close to the red marker, a pop-up will show you how to brake with a helicopter. Use this method to land the heli in the center of the marker.

The fastest way to gold

Take some risks by pointing the nose down as much as possible, without loosing too much altitude. You will gain a lot of speed, so you need to brake some more too. When you're close to the marker, point the tail of the heli towards the ground heavily, until you think you're hovering. Place the helicopter in the center of the marker to complete.

Requirements for gold

  • Complete the mission within 30 seconds.
  • Position Score has to be 100%.
  • No damage allowed.
  • Overall Score has to be 100%.