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Where can I start the Las Venturas Streetraces?

The Las Venturas Streetraces are located in the vicinity of the LVA Freight Depot in Las Venturas. Walk into the red marker to start the Las Venturas Streetraces. Take a look at the screenshots which you can find under this text for the exact location.


Asdf fdsaf copy.jpg

Dam Rider

Used vehicle: NRG-500
Length race: 2.67 Miles (4.29 km)

You will start and finish this race at the Sherman Dam in the Desert and you will have to use a NRG-500. The race will lead you through almost the entire desert, but that does not make it a difficult race. Keep driving calm and make sure to take the leading position as quick as possible. When you have reached the first place, just do not take risks and it will be easy to win the race. The reward for winning this race is the usual amount of $10,000.


Dam Rider Scherm copy.jpg
Dam Rider Gehaald copy.jpg
Dam Rider Gehaald Scherm copy.jpg

SF to LV

Used vehicle: Banshee
Length race: 4.85 Miles (7.81 km)

This time you will start at the tunnel in Downtown, San Fierro, from where you must race to the finish. The finish is located at the Julius Thruway West, the highway around Las Venturas. "SF to LV" is a quite difficult race, in which you will drive with a Banshee over the different highways to Las Venturas. Those highways have a lot of traffic, so watch out for oncoming traffic while overtaking other cars. The reward for this race is, again, $10,000.


SF to SF Scherm.JPG
SF to SF Gehaald copy.jpg
SF to SF Gehaald Scherm copy.jpg

Las Venturas Ringroad

Uses vehicle: Turismo
Length race: 3.70 Miles (5.95 km)

Like the name of the race already tells: This is a race around Las Venturas. You will start at the Julius Thruway South and the entire race will lead over this highway, with the finish at the same place as where you started. Because of the fact that you do not have to make a lot of turns Las Venturas Ringroad is a quite easy race. Just drive full throttle and watch out for other traffic while racing. Again your reward will be $10,000, which is a pretty good reward for such little effort.


LV Ringroad Scherm copy.jpg
LV Ringroad Gehaald copy.jpg
LV Ringroad Gehaald scherm copy.jpg

Desert Tricks

Used vehicle: FCR-900
Length race: 2.91 Miles (4.68 km)

This race starts at Las Brujas and will also finish there. The only thing that makes this race difficult is the fact that one of your opponents is racing with a NRG-500, while you have to use a FCR-900. As you probably know, the top-speed of a NRG-500 is better than the top-speed of your FCR-900. So it is important to make sure that you do not fall of your bike: the chance of winning is in that case almost zero. An advantage of this race is the fact that there is no other traffic, so it must be possible to stay on your bike without any big problems. If it all goes well, you will get the reward of $10,000.


Desert Tricks Scherm copy.jpg
Desert Tricks Gehaald copy.jpg
Desert Tricks Gehaald Scherm copy.jpg