Local Liquor Store

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
one of the four cut scenes of Catalina
Local Liquor Store
depends on the cut scenes of Catalina
Starts at Marker Blueberry
Given by Catalina
Reward $1,000.=

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Before seeing some action, drive to the Liquor Store in Blueberry and step in the marker. In the cutscene you'll see four people on Quadbikes robbing the Liquor Store. Show them they can't mess with you like that and follow them. Stick close to the Quads and help Catalina shooting the robbers on the Quads, as she can't shoot very well. Once you killed one of the robbers get the package he dropped. Repeat this for every robber on the Quad bikes. You've to kill them all before they reach the outskirts of Los Santos! When you killed them all and collected all four packages, the only thing left to do is driving back to Catalina's Cabin in Fern Ridge. Mission Passed.


  • If you don't want to do this mission on a Quadbike, you can place a Sanchez near the Liquor Store before stepping into the marker.
  • You don't have to collect the packages right after you killed one of the robbers on the quads. If you kill them all first, the packages they drop will still be lying next to the bodies. This saves a good amount of time.
  • Watch out for the broken bridge you'll come upon near Palomino Creek. Gather enough speed and make sure you don't have to steer too much. A Quadbike is very sensitive with steering, you could loose too much speed and fall into the water. The jump over this broken bridge is also Unique Stunt Jump number 33.