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Where can I start the Los Santos Streetraces?

The Los Santos Streetraces are located in the district Little Mexico, in Los Santos of course. The exact location is between the police station and the club Alhambra. The right place is identifiable by the black-white flag on your radar. If it is still too difficult to find the location, than just take a look at the screenshots of the red marker where you can start the Los Santos Streetraces.


LosSantosrace 002.JPG
Los Santos Street.jpg
LosSantosrace 001.JPG

Lowrider Race

Used vehicle: Blade
Length race: 1.46 Miles (2.34 km)

It is not necessary to do this race again, because you already past the race in the mission High Stakes, Low-Rider, in which Cesar Vialpando told you about the race. You can pick any Lowrider you like to compete in this race, but when you start it at the streetrace location you will be racing in a Blade. The race starts at City Hall and will lead you to Verona Beach, past the Pay 'n Spray and heads to Vinewood. After going left you will drive through some small streets in Rodeo to finish in Santa Maria Beach. The finishline is located at the end of the pier in Santa Maria Beach. The reward for winning this race is $1,000.


Lowrider Race.JPG
Lowrider Race finish.JPG
Lowrider Race.JPG

Little Loop

Used vehicle: NRG-500
Length race: 0.82 Miles (1,32 km )

This one is a short but quite difficult race. It is necessary not to make mistakes, since much time to catch up with your opponents is not available. The race will start in East Beach Los Santos and will first lead you through Los Flores. After that you will pass the sexclub called The Pig Pen, after which you will turn left. After another turn left you will head to the finish. Try to avoid mistakes and watch out for the other traffic. Reward for passing the race: $10,000.


Little Loop voor.JPG
Little Loop finish.JPG
Little Loop.JPG

Backroad Wanderer

Used vehicle: FCR-900
Length race: 2.05 Miles (3,30 km)

Backroad Wanderer is a beautiful race which leads you through Mulholland and Richman. Directly after the start you will go right and you will head towards Madd Dogg's Mansion. After passing the house of the rapper you will have to make a quite difficult turn to the left. Over bridges and through small alleyways the circuit leads to Richman. Pay attention in this race to oncoming traffic, which can cause crashes which will cost a lot of time. Drive concentrated and with a little bit of skill it will be no problem to pass the race to get your reward of $10,000.


Backroad Wanderer voor.JPG
Backroad Wanderer finish.JPG
Backroad Wanderer.JPG

City Circuit

Used vehicle: FCR-900
Length race: 2.26 Miles (3,63 km)

This race will lead you over the freeways in the eastern part of Los Santos. You will start at the freeway above Idlewood and will head to the east. Through East Los Santos and East Beach you will end up on the main boulevard. Go left, again left heading towards Mulholland Intersection and after another turn left you will arrive in Downtown Los Santos. Follow the checkpoints through Commerce and head to the finish. It is not a difficult race, so make sure that you get the reward of $10,000.


City Circuit voor.JPG
City Circuit finish.JPG
City Circuit.JPG


Used vehicle: Sunrise
Length race: 2.41 Miles (3,88 km)

This race starts and finishes in the district Market, just in front of the Ammu-Nation. After the start the circuit leads to the north into Mulholland and past de big V-I-N-E-W-O-O-D sign, which explains the name of the race. Over the twisting roads in this part of Los Santos the race leads to the district Richman and from there into Rodeo. In the vicinity of Santa Maria Beach the circuit heads to Marina and than back to Market. Especially the parts in Mulholland and Vinewood are difficult because of the traffic, small bridges and strange winding roads. Keep calm while driving and make sure that you reach Rodeo without too much damage. Reaching that part of the race in first position makes the rest of the race very easy. Your reward is the same as always: $10,000.


Vinewood voor.JPG
Vinewood finish.JPG


Used vehicle: Super GT
Length race: 2.62 Miles (4,21 km)

Again a race with start and finish at the same location, in this case the district Market. After driving through Commerce you will pass the hospital in Jefferson, after which you will turn right to continue on the freeway. The circuits leads back to the west to arrive at Commmerce, after which you will head to the Mulholland Intersection. The entire Freeway around Los Santos is part of the circuit and you will finish in the district Marina. It is a pretty difficult race to pass, because your opponents are driving quite fast. Above that the Super GT does not steer very easy, but with some practice it is possible to win the race. The reward for passing this race is $10,000.


Freeway voor.JPG
Freeway finish.JPG

Into the Country

Used vehicle: Bullet
Length race: 5.22 Miles (8,39 km)

This is the longest race of the Los Santos Streetraces. Start and finish are located in the vicinity of Los Santos International Airport. From that point the circuit leads over the freeway in the direction of the harbor. Pass the stadium and along the beach you will leave Los Santos and follow the freeway to the north. After passing Palomino Creek and the Montgomery Intersection the circuit leads you back to the city. Follow the freeway to the end until you reach the finish at the airport. $10,000 will be the reward for winning this race.


Into The Country voor.JPG
Into The Country finish.JPG
Into The Country.JPG

Badlands A

Used vehicle: Sabre
Length race: 2.99 Miles (4,81 km)

This race is just as the race from the mission Wu Zi Mu given by Cesar Vialpando, not necessary to be completed again. During the mission you can choose your own car, but in this case you will have to use a Sabre. The race starts at the deserted farm south of Montgomery and leads over several sandy roads to Blueberry. Straight through Blueberry Acres you will reach The Panopticon, where you will find the finishline. There are only 3 opponents in this race and with a little bit of luck and skill you will be in first position after a short while. Make sure to use the breaks while making turns, watch out for the water and finish at The Panopticon.


Badlands A.JPG
Wu Zi Mu 5.jpg
Badlands A.JPG

Badlands B

Used vehicle: ZR 350
Length race: 2.99 Miles (4,81 km)

For this race you can take a look at the description of Badlands A: this is exactly the same race, but you will drive the circuit in the opposite direction. The length of the race is the same, the name is almost the same, but the only difference is your vehicle: in this case you will race with a ZR 350 with off-road-wheels which are also available at TransFender. As said before, you will drive through Blueberry Acres, Blueberry and Red County and you will head to Montgomery. In this race there are only 3 opponents and with a little bit of luck and skill you will be in first position after a short while. Make sure to use the breaks while making turns, watch out for the water and finish in first position.


Badlands B.JPG
Farewell, my love 8.jpg
Badlands B.JPG