Lowrider Challenge

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Challenge in GTA San Andreas
Location of the Lowrider Challenge
Lowrider Challenge
Requires Cesar Vialpando
Lowrider with hydraulics
Location Unity Station, El Carona, Los Santos
Goal A higher score than your opponent
Reward Double the money you've bet

After the mission Cesar Vialpando, which you have to do for Sweet, the Lowrider Challenge becomes available. To start the challenge you have to go to Unity Station, Los Santos. There will be a man dressed in a working suit standing near a wall. If you walk into the red marker in front of him, he'll ask you if you want to compete in the Lowrider Challenge. Reply positive on him to start the challenge and drive a lowrider with hydraulics into the red marker behind the wall. Such a lowrider can be found almost everywhere in the lower part of Los Santos (that is, not uphill). Hydraulics can be placed on the car in the Loco Low Co. modshop, this will cost you $1500. When you have the car drive into the red marker and a man will ask you how much money you want to bet. The minimum wage is $50 and the maximum wage is $1000. The more money you bet, the better your competitor can hop with his car. The challenge starts as soon as you placed your bet. The target of the challenge is to get as much points as possible while hopping on the music. The game will tell you how you have to hop on the music, it's up to you to time the moves as perfect as possible. Your score depends on how well that timing is, so it's important to press the right buttons at the right time. Press the given button(s) when the circle is almost 100% in the bigger circle. Continue this until there aren't anymore circles coming. If you've got more points than the other, you will win your betted money, otherwise you'll loose your bet.

Controls Lowrider

PC - Numpad PlayStation 2 Which wheel(s) Arrow on screen
8 Right Analog stick to the front Front wheels Arrow up
2 Right Analog stick to the back Rear wheels Arrow down
4 Right Analog stick to the left Left sidewheels Arrow left
6 Right Analog stick to the right Right sidewheels Arrow right
8 & 4 Right Analog stick to the left and front Left frontwheel Arrow up left
8 & 6 Right Analog stick to the right and front Right frontwheel Arrow up right
4 & 2 Right Analog stick to the left and back Left rearwheel Arrow down left
6 & 2 Right Analog stick to the right and back Right rearwheel Arrow down right