Parachute onto Target

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Flight School in GTA San Andreas
Barrel Roll
Parachute onto Target
No subsequent mission
No award No award < 70%
Bronze Bronze award 70% - 84%
Silver Silver award 85% - 99%
Gold Gold award 100%

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This is the last mission of the Flying School. You are dropped at a very high altitude with a parachute and you have to land on a marked position. After the drop, push forward to gain speed. Continue this until the game tells you to open the parachute. By now, you'll see the target on the ground, so try to estimate how far it is and how you need to approach it. By sitting, you won't descent as hard and you can come closer to the target. Doing nothing will make you descent faster. Switch between the two to get to the center of the target.

The fastest way to gold

When dropped out of the airplane, open the parachute slightly after you're told to do so, around the 22 or 23 second mark. Open the parachute and start sitting. As you come close, switch between sitting and doing nothing to land in the center circle of the target.

Requirements for gold

  • Complete the mission within 55 seconds.
  • Position Score has to be 100%.
  • Overall Score has to be 100%.