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Mission in GTA V
No previous mission
Franklin and Lamar
Starts at Na.
Given by Na.
Reward None

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Ludendorff, North Yankton, nine years ago. We are witnessing a robbery on a Bobcat Security branch. We join Michael, Trevor and Brad. A woman is violently thrown to the ground and the security guard is breaking under Trevor's threaths, opens the security door and gets the stock of Trevor's gun to the head. We gain control of Michael, and our objective is crowd control, while Trevor is placing the explosives on the vault. Aim your weapon on the hostages, and one by one they will run into the nearby room, as Brad locks the door. Trevor will return and tell you to detonate the explosives using your mobile phone. After the explosion, you will see a short cutscene of Michael and Trevor filling bags with the loot.

As you leave the vault, Michael is suddenly grabbed from behind by a security guard, who immediatly pulls off Michael's mask, and says he won't forget Michael's face. Michael tells him "he forgets a million things every day, make sure this is one of them". Switch to Trevor and shoot the security guard in the head. With Michael out of this sticky situation, head for the exit. As Brad plants an explosive on the exit door, take cover. As soon as the C4 explodes, you hear sirens. It appears the cops have been tipped off. Take care of the cops, and run and gun, working your way to the escape vehicle, which is marked on the map. When you arrive at the car, a cutscene starts showing a single police car trying to ram you off the road. The cops shoot your driver, and Michael throws out his body to take control of the car. Michael rams the cop car off the road, killing both occupants. You now gain control of the Rancher XL. Follow the GPS route to the point marked on your map, where apparantly there's a helicopter waiting. While driving you will encounter a police roadblock, forcing you to turn right. Another cutscene starts. As Michael and the gang cross the railroad crossing they get hit in the rear, leading to a crash. They abandon the vehicle, but are able to proceed on foot. Brad and Michael get shot by a unknown sniper. Michael yells at Trevor telling him to get out of there, something he isn't willing to do. More and more cops appear, try to hold them off. After a few minutes, you will see a cutscene where Trevor decides to run. He uses a local woman as human shield to keep the police at bay. Trevor dissapears into the fog. The next cutscene shows us Michael's "funeral". He has made a deal with the FIB and is now in a witness protection program. As he looks onto his own funeral, the screen fades to black. Nine years later. Michael is sitting on his therapist, Dr. Isiah Friedlander's couch. The topic of conversation is Michael's son, James, who is anything but a "good kid". Michael loses his nerve, with an approving look from his therapist, who shortly after calls the session over. Michael leaves his therapist's house, and we hear the soundtrack and a few credits start appearing on screen, as the cutscene reveals more and more of Vespucci Beach.

Gold Medal Requirements

Completion Complete the mission.


The vault door is blown open
Trevor frees Michael out of the security guard's hands
The train hits the getaway car
Michael and Brad get shot
Trevor flees in the mist
Michael watches his own funeral