Tanker Commander

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
One of the four cut scenes of Catalina
Tanker Commander
depends on the cut scenes of Catalina
Starts at Marker Dillimore
Given by Catalina
Reward $5,000.=

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Step into the Tanker and drive backwards to attach the trailer to the tanker, you'll hear a click when successful. The owners of the Tanker will come and chase you. One of them will try to do drive-by's, so be careful not to get the Tanker damaged too much. Get out of the Tanker and shoot him in the head, do the same with the driver. Get back in and drive the Tanker with the trailer to the blip on the radar. There's no time limit so just take it easy and be sure the trailer won't disconnect. Once you get to the destination you'll get to see a little cut scene. Mission Passed.


  • Try to make wide corners while driving slowly and don't drive into something like a tree or a car. Doing so the trailer won't disconnect, when the trailer disconnects you'll fail the mission.
  • If you have used the riot cheat, Catalina will shoot Mr. Whittaker and nothing will happen. Press the [space] (or [enter]) button or the Cross for PS2 to continue with the cut scene. If this is the case, you really should consider starting a new (saved) game, as you can't complete the storyline when you've saved with the riot cheat turned on.


  • When you ignore your pursuers and reach your destination at the end of the mission, you'll see an extra cut scene in which the car of your pursuers crashes into the gas station which explodes.