The 180 (Driving School)

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You have to make a 180 in a Blista Compact. Drive straight away to the cones. You have to judge when you have to push the handbrake and the arrow to left or right. Drive around the cones and go back to the other side. You have to stop at the correct place in the compartment.

The fastest way to gold

Give full throttle at the start and push the handbrake and the arrow to the left or right as late as possible. Do this when you are at the other side of the circuit. When you are at 90 degrees, you have to give full throttle again and go back to the compartment. But remember that you have to stop correct into the compartment, if you want to get the 100%.

Requirements for gold

  • You have to make within the time a 180 and straight into the compartment where you started.
  • Your overall score has to be 100%.
  • You may not drive over cones.


The180 Scherm.jpg
The180 Gold.jpg